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Updated: Mar 6

I studied art at university. When I started to work at the Latvian National Museum of
Art, I left my brushes and canvas behind. I said to myself - if I can’t be as good as they - the real artists are, I shouldn't touch the brush. Back then when I chose to be smart and
tamed, I always said to others that art was the place where anyone can be free, but
somehow never let it be so for myself. I became an art viewer and guide for others.
That's why freedom that art holds for me is about self-esteem, self-love and
courage to speak and at last but not least - to be true to who you actually are.

To me art and nature are the same because both hold the same instincts of creativity and destruction, life and death. For me painting is more like a journey not a safe place to be.

“Reflections” is about border between two worlds – like a skin of river or sea, we can’t see under the water, only imagine what could be there. We always have to choose were to be – dive in or flout on waves. Were to belong. Or maybe stay between and take it all. Like the moment between dream and wakefulness or night and day is full of mystery and possibilities.

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