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Way back home, acrylic on canvas, 65x90 cm, 2021

Updated: Jan 10

From series “Trying to remember the Songlines”

Series “Trying to remember the Songlines” is inspired by Bruce Chatwin book "Te Songlines". "The Songlines emerge as individual pathways connecting up all over Australia: ancient tracks made of songs which tell of the creation of land," wrote Chatwin. Like aborigines I was also born in a lost culture. I use patterns that we can see in aboriginal art, while I try to remember my own path and my own truth.

Screen shots inspirations found at @nowness and @ignant instagram galleries

When I was a toddler, I loved to play with sleepy cows. I sneaked under their necks and gently heckled their soft, brown, fluffy skin. It was like magic for me, as the water’s skin of a river that you don’t know so well. I was the only child in my family, there were no other kids around. Animals kept me company and were my friends. I spoke to them in my mind. I remember clearly a few times in my childhood when I was in real danger in the middle of a running horses crowd or cuddling a bull's neck with no clue why people are afraid of him.

When I was nine, my grandma put me in a horse-drawn carriage and put a horse leash into my hands. “Lead it as if you are stronger than a horse,” she said, “but do it with tenderness and peace. The horse has to trust you when it will take you home.”
Somehow this childhood experience always helped me to get through life. No doubts, no fears. The peaceful state of heart will lead you better than you could imagine.

“Way back home” is painting from this series and it’s tells about inner chaos and how you try to deal with it lead yourself through it. Like an ancient people try to fit in wild nature- not occupied it, but learn it with respect, you have to respect your struggles, frustrations and doubts and make your way through it with peace with yourself and others. Adapting in your self not rebuilding you over and over again to fit in better.
This painting helps you to remember your true self and how to be a part of all that happens inside or outside your mind. It is the road to your true self, to “home” again.

And the road is adventure as you probably already know.

“Way back home” acrylic on canvas, 65x90 cm, 2021
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